The Pros and Cons of ai Content Writing for Websites?

Can ai Write Quality Content

You don’t want to spend hours researching and writing. You don’t want to spend hours editing and proofreading. And you definitely don’t want to spend hours formatting and designing. When you get home from work, you want to relax! The solution: ai content writing all your articles! I hear you but the question is: what are the pros and cons of ai content writing for website articles?

What is ai copywriting?

Ai copywriting is a program that generates text one word at a time. It understands the context of the text as it progresses. It shows its ability to understand what you wrote and continues on with a response. What this means is you type in some keywords, topics etc and all your content is generated for you. Now you only need to copy and paste this into your website. Warning: never do this!

AI writing is a great tool for generating new ideas and speeding up the writing process. A few years ago, it was unheard of to have an AI program write content for a website. Nowadays, more and more companies are using AI technology to create content.

AI can generate new ideas, and concepts that help you fill your site with quality content. It’s also useful for getting past writer’s block, which can be a huge issue when trying to make deadlines on time. Artificial intelligence has become so popular in the marketing world. It can create our content from a few words.

AI Content Writing Positives

  • Help you write quality content faster, and with less effort.
  • Create new articles based on popular topics or keywords
  • Processes data and learn to write in your voice
  • Generate new ideas. Saves your time and energy when you’re stuck on a project or struggling to get started
  • Speeds up the writing process by recognising patterns in your writing
  • Predict what words and phrases you’re likely to use next. This makes it easier for you to keep going!
  • Produces content easier to read and understand if English is not your native language.
  • Revise or edit faster than any human writer ever could – WARNING ALERT

AI Content Writing Negatives

It’s passable, but not always accurate. It can produce articles with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. It processes information through its algorithms.

Let’s sum up the negatives: “too much automation.”

The problem with ai is that it’s too easy to rely on. It’s easy to put your content into the ai system and expect it to spit out amazing content for your website.

  • You open those files and see that they are full of fluff
  • You see padded out sentences with superfluous words
  • You realise that the same sentences have been repeated

This will happen! Incorrect facts are another problem with ai. There are often errors or inconsistencies in the data fed into your content. Once you publish those errors on your website, they will be there for your visitors! This is not a look you want for your readers.

Our ai Content Writing Solutions

Proofreading your content is an important step in publishing AI-generated content. If you don’t proofread it, you will end up with a lot of errors in your work.

First, check the facts. Make sure that what you’re saying is correct. If not, fix it! Then, check the grammar. Is there anything wrong with the way sentences are being constructed? If so, fix that too! Finally, copy and paste your content into a Cloud-based typing assistant. The most popular is Grammarly. It will give you those extra set of eyes you may well need. Only after this process – publish your content.

Don't get caught plagiarizing

Who do I recommend for ai content writing?

I have tried many platforms, and my top choices are below in order of preference. I found many others would spew out garbage and jargon. They may have improved since then, but the ones below matured from a good standing point. Content Creator

This is my go-to platform if I ever need to generate content or ideas. Their Freestyle tool is awesome. You can start with a FREE account allowing you 2000 words per month. This will soon get eaten up, so I recommend upgrading to the Pro plan for unlimited words once you master it! content writing

Jasper ai Content Creator

Jasper is also a powerful ai content writer. They give you a 5 day free trial but it becomes more expensive than The price increase depends on the word quantity. Jasper ai content writing

Writecream ai Content Creator

Writecream is a lot more simplistic to use and the grammar is more accurate. I found the content it produces is a little more hit and miss. They also have a FREE plan giving you a generous 10,000 words per month. Their pricing is also much cheaper for unlimited words than the other two plans.

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AI Content Writing Conclusion

The idea that machines can do our job better is nothing new. We’ve had computers for decades now, and they’ve been taking over various tasks for years. What if we could actually create a machine capable of doing something “intelligent”? Could it write a blog post? The answer is still yes and no! The more difficult question is why we would want an AI to do this task. If you struggle with coming up with ideas or executing them on time, then AI could be your answer. I know it has been mine! If you would like a more professional approach find out more about our content writing services.