The Best Appointments and Booking Form for WordPress by Amelia

The Best Appointments and Booking Form for WordPress

Are you looking for a WordPress booking form? We have good news and bad news. The good news: there are plenty of options out there. The bad news? They don’t live up to your expectations. Many of these appointment forms are difficult to set up, and use. Most had poor designs. Others don’t make it easy to integrate with your WordPress website or business. It’s hard to find the one that works best, but not impossible! We discovered one of the best event booking forms out there so you can get the job done right. Welcome to Amelia!

My clients wanted a calendar theme for online appointments to a clinic. The other wanted a simple WordPress van rental plugin. And so my search began. There are many plugins out there, (some free), but they didn’t cut it.

I tried them and so my frustration began! Complicated to set up, awful designs and more. What do I mean by awful designs? They looked like booking forms from the 90s. They weren’t aesthetically pleasing.

What was I looking for in a WordPress online booking form?

I was looking for a clean-looking, simple, and automated WordPress appointment booking form. A form that would enable visitors to book appointments, rentals and pay online.

I needed to customise it to suit my clients’ needs. It had to integrate with my clients’ WordPress websites. The product needed to be intuitive and easy enough for me to use, with no special training or knowledge. So I kept searching, downloading and trying them out! Ureka, I finally found a booking plugin that met all my needs. We recommend Amelia as the BEST appointments and booking form.

Amelia WordPress Appointments Form

It’s a clean and powerful WordPress appointment plugin. It lets you book appointments, events, classes, and more online. Without having to worry about all the annoying details.

Do you want to automate your appointment booking process in WordPress without having to learn how to code? This is your chance! Amelia saves you time and money by automating your appointment booking process. It will also help improve your customer experience. Amelia also provides an easy way for them to book appointments.

A Few Awesome Features by Amelia:

  • Customer service schedule
  • SMS notifications
  • Create special days and hours
  • Schedule recurring appointments
  • Configure custom fields
  • Connect your Zoom account, Google Meet Integration
  • Connect your Google calendar, Outlook Calendar, etc
  • Personal working schedule
  • Many locations
  • Group appointments
  • Automated notifications to customers
  • Configure currency, time and dates
  • Integrates with PayPal, Stripe
  • Add coupons for client discounts

Clients pay via a secure payment gateway (which supports PayPal). They’ll be able to do it from their phone or tablet device. Even when they’re on the road! It is a powerful tool that can help you streamline your business, save time, and make more money. Amelia is one of the best booking plugins available. It has so many features and options to choose from. A booking for any type of business—you name it!

Amelia can create a booking calendar for any type of business.

  • Consultants
  • Private clinics
  • Repair centres
  • Sports and gyms
  • Spas, salons
  • Car rentals
  • Property rentals
Amelia Booking Plugin

Amelia Booking Form Customisation

You can also customise your booking page so that it matches your brand’s aesthetic. If you have many locations for your business, this plugin makes it easy to manage them all from one place. You can even adjust how users can book appointments,

Do you run a salon or spa that offers services like manicures or massages? This plugin will also allow clients to schedule appointments! It doesn’t matter what you do – Amelia covers it. It’s the perfect WordPress rental plugin.

Intuitive set up with a few clicks

No need for heavy training. Install and use it. With their intuitive interface, you tailor Amelia with a few clicks. Detailed documentation is always available if needed. Their solutions are all-in-one. You won’t have to connect to any other tools or software to use your Amelia. Did we forget to mention Amelia has over 50000 happy customers?

The Best Appointment Form for WordPress

Amelia is the best appointment and booking form plugin for WordPress. It’s powerful and used in any industry or business. Whether you are a business owner, freelancer, or even a blogger. Amelia will make your life easier. Amelia saves you time and money by automating your appointment booking process. It improves your customer experience.

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