Don’t Let Your Web Designer Buy and Own Your Domain

Never let a webdesigner own your domain

Listen up, all you website seekers! As a web designer, I know you want a site that’s user-friendly and easy to manage. But let me tell you something – never let your designer buy and own your domain name! They could easily pull a Houdini and leave you high and dry, like a sad little penguin stranded on an iceberg. Don’t be that penguin! Always make sure you own your domain name so you can keep your website’s fate in your own hands. Trust me, your website will thank you for it.

Read more on why you should own your domain! You want someone to build you a website. But you’re not thinking about the future. You want something that works now and is easy for you to manage later on down the road. But here’s something I’ve learned over the years. Never let your web designer buy and own your domain name. I’ll explain how you can take back your domain even if you switch web designers.

Buy your own domain

You want a website. Your web designer tells you they will buy and own your domain to make it easy. It is important to know why this is a bad idea. If the web designer owns the name, then he or she can do whatever they want. Thus, if you don’t like your website, there’s nothing stopping them from taking away control. This includes anything related to your business or brand.

It can be disastrous if you ever decide to part ways with your web designer. All the hard work that went into establishing your online presence will have been for naught. You may be happy with your designer today, but there’s no guarantee.

Register a username with GoDaddy.

It’s easy and cheap to set up a domain with Godaddy. You never have to worry about whether your domain name will go missing on you if you switch web designers. First, you create an account. Then log in and go to “My Products” and click on “Domain Names.” Find the domain name you want. Click on the steps and buy! Still too daunting? We can guide you through the process.

You can do this in a few minutes from the comfort of your home with no technical knowledge. Hold on to that domain and make sure you control it.

If you don’t own your domain, you’ll be in trouble if your web designer ever moves on from the project. It’s a lot of work to start from scratch, but it’ll cost you more money. You also won’t have access to all the content posted on your site.

  • Owning your domain name gives you complete control over your website’s online identity, and you won’t have to worry about losing it if your web designer or hosting company disappears.
  • If someone else owns your domain name, it can be challenging to transfer it to a new web designer or hosting company if you ever need to make a change.
  • Having control over your domain name makes it easier to switch web designers or hosting companies and avoid any potential issues or delays.
  • Owning your domain name helps you establish a strong online brand identity, which is essential for building your online presence and reputation.
  • Your domain name is a valuable asset that can appreciate in value over time, and you can even sell it if you ever decide to go in a new direction with your business or website.
  • Owning your domain name can help you protect your online reputation and avoid any potential damage that could result from someone else owning it.
  • If you don’t own your domain name, you might not be able to use certain email addresses or have complete control over your website’s features and functionality.
  • Registering your domain name is a relatively small investment that can pay off in the long run by helping you establish a strong online presence and build a successful website.

Your designer could leave the company

Your designer could leave the company. This means that if they do, they could take your domain with them! You’d lose your website or a way to get it back. Or someone else in the company could take over the project, and they might not have access to the login details. If you don’t own your domain, it’s not yours. Even with a FREE WordPress website from us we still recommend you get your own domain

Should I also buy and own the web host?

Yes, and no! The domain name is your brand, which you must own! You can change hosts, install a website backup, change name servers, at any time. We recommend using a managed hosting plan if you don’t have the time to manage a web host. You can focus on other aspects of running your business. Here’s why we recommend Cloudways web hosting.

Own Your Domain Conclusion

In the end, it’s all about control. You should always be in control of your domain name. This means never letting your web designer buy and own it for you. The best way to do this is by registering a username with GoDaddy. and holding onto ownership of your domain name. It’s easy, cheap and you never have to worry about whether your domain name will go missing. Keep these tips in mind when selecting your partners! We’re here to help you stay in control of your business and keep your website up and running.