Why WordPress CMS is the Best for any Business Website

Why WordPress is the best CMS

Do you aspire to build a website, yet feel unsure of whether to use WordPress as your platform of choice? Beware the common misconception that WordPress is just a simple tool for blogging! In truth, WordPress began its journey as a mere vehicle for bloggers, but has since evolved into a highly adaptable content management system suitable for a plethora of business websites. The question remains – what makes WordPress so indispensable for website construction?

But wait, let us not delve into the intricate details of WordPress just yet. For those of you still grappling with the basics, allow me to clarify – what exactly is a content management system?

Before we get into the nitty gritty of WordPress, some of you may be asking – what is CMS? Well, CMS is short for ‘content management system’. This is the software that creates your website. It’s the main reason we develop WordPress sites for our clients!

After developing your website with WordPress, you can login to add your own posts, pages, images etc. That’s right, you don’t have to pay a web designer to do this! Here are the top reasons why we rely on it, and why you should too.

The Benefits of WordPress

WordPress CMS is Easy to Customise

If you have no prior experience, building a website from scratch can be daunting. Fear not! WordPress has you covered. WordPress pretty much counts on its average user to be inexperienced. It offers many custom templates and themes to get you started.

Browse through thousands of designs on offer and select the one that appeals to you. WordPress themes are easily customised. You can change colour schemes, add backgrounds and edit navigation tools without learning a single piece of code. How convenient!

You Can Post Almost Any Type of Media

You don’t have to be a tech geek to understand formats and file types: Mp3, Mp4, MPEG, PNG, TXT etc. Websites can have problems displaying certain photos, videos or audio files due to incompatible formats with the code. WordPress can handle just about any of them.

You can embed Tweets, YouTube videos or songs from music sharing websites by simply pasting the link into the editor. It’s minimal effort and it leads to great-looking results!

Is WordPress Free?

Yes. WordPress is open source software. You have the freedom to use and modify it without paying additional fees. You still need a domain, web hosting and perhaps a WordPress web developer (such as LairdPage), to set is up for you.

Price is a valid factor when choosing a web platform. There are a lot of services on the market that offer similar platforms to WordPress. But, they usually rope you in to pay for additional plans and extras.

Let’s not even get started with Wix or Weebly etc.

Why is WordPress CMS Popular?

WordPress is the most popular CMS because you can build any type of website imaginable. The only limitation is your creativity! Did you know WordPress powers some of the top websites worldwide including brands such as Time, Fortune and CNN etc! Here are just some of the reasons why we rely so heavily on WordPress and how it’s become so successful.

Is WordPress CMS Good for SEO?

  • Customize your permalinks to increase CTR of your posts in search engines.
  • Easily add the SEO title and metadata including targeted keywords.
  • Optimise your images for SEO by filling in the “Alternative Text” box.
  • Increased site speed – improve loading time for a better user experience and bounce rate.
  • Optimised for Mobiles – for people who use search engines on their smartphones, iPads etc.
  • Social Media Integration – maximize your social media exposure through automated campaigns and social media buttons. 

Is WordPress Safe and Secure to Use?

Yes. The most important aspect with any website builder is safety. You don’t want anyone to get their hands on your password, your details or any money, transactions or funds.

WordPress has security at its core. It uses special software designed to deal specifically with common threats such as hacking and pesky malware. It may not be your top priority, but cybersecurity is a real issue. Using a provider that is known for their security efforts can give you real peace of mind!


The options for building your website grow practically every year, but there’s a reason that WordPress has grown from a small blog hosting site to a multi-faceted web platform service. Read more on why Kadence WP page builder is awesome for creating beautiful websites.

A little bit of scepticism is natural, which is why we encourage you to try it for yourself. Most web hosts have a one click WordPress install or you may download WordPress here.