Meet the Author of LairdPage

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Andy T. Laird

Hi! I’m Andy T. Laird – the founder and author of LairdPage. Perhaps my name gave it away!  I started off as a graphic designer and graduated in architectural illustration.

Having a background in graphic design gave me the tools to create aesthetic and pleasing websites.

Learning how to combine symbols, images, and text to form visual representations, were the building blocks that influenced me in web design. 

Graphic Design

Designing for the web required a different skillset. An interactive one! I had to go beyond graphic design to understand how navigational elements, guide, influence, and enhance a web user’s journey. Thus achieving my web design goals.

HTML Websites with Dreamweaver

My first websites were built with Adobe Dreamweaver in HTML. An important aspect of creating a website was being able to hand it over to my client. I soon discovered this wasn’t possible with these kind of websites. 

Understanding how to use software such as Dreamweaver was intimidating! Not forgetting a knowledge of HTML, CSS and downloading it was also required.

Most people couldn’t edit or add pages in HTML software programs by themselves. Thus, adding to the cost on a per page, per hour basis. I wanted to develop websites where my clients could easily log in and add or edit pages. 

I knew this wasn’t going to work and I had to look for an alternate solution. The answer would be CMS – a content management system.

Leaving Dreamweaver I moved into Joomla CMS. Over the next few years I was developing Joomla websites, but it wasn’t as user friendly as I had hoped for.

WordPress Website Development

Enter WordPress, which I still use this very day. WordPress was arguably the easiest to use over any other CMS website. Expanding the functionality of a site and customizing the designs were much more approachable. Read our article on why WordPress CMS is the best platform to build your website.

WordPress enabled non-technically minded users to create pages and modify content by themselves. You no longer needed to outsource all the work to a web developer – such as me! 

Now my clients can easily log in and make changes. Add a post, image or edit some text couldn’t have become easier. Read our WordPress Web Development 12 Step Process

Did I forget to mention, I’m always around for back up and support! LairdPage is a relatively new venture to get me back into web design, which has always been a passion of mine.

Gaining the fundamental skills, in graphic and website design has provided me global and diverse opportunities, which allow me to work when, where and how I chose. What else could I ever wish for!

This this is a brief background on my web design services and why I highly promote WordPress.

If you would like more information on my web design services from anywhere worldwide, drop me an email. I usually get back to you within 24 hours.