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Elementor WordPress Page Builder Review

Elementor page-builder for WordPress is probably the best around today (2020) and we have installed it on many websites. Although there is becoming quite a selection of page-builders around today our preference goes to Elementor.

Elementor is the most powerful and easiest WordPress page builder to use, packed with amazing features.

Combine this with a reputable web host such as SiteGround and you’re well on the way to a professional, fast loading WordPress website!

Why use a Page Builder?

If you’ve been using WordPress for a while, you know how difficult designing websites on their platform used to be. Not only were they lacking in customisation options, making changes took forever and was just downright complicated. Not forgetting the the overall aesthetics were simple and at times boring.

Eventually, page developers began to make their way onto the scene, but they still weren’t too user-friendly and most of them required some basic knowledge of code in order to make everything exactly the way you wanted it. I think we all had enough of that back in the MySpace days, right?

There’s no doubt that WordPress was and is one of the most popular website building platforms but when Elementor came along in 2016, the game totally changed.

Elementor Page Builder Review

Elementor was created by people who were fed up with glitchy website creation and limited functionality (a.k.a. people like us), and now there are over 4 million people using the revolutionary page builder to build and design their websites.

That’s right! Scoot over computer science and graphic design majors. It’s anyone’s game now.

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Elementor Page Builder Features

Further on down this post, I’m going to get into all the nitty gritty details of what makes Elementor so great but if three things stand out, it would be these:

1. Drag-and-drop editing. If you see text or a graphic in the menu that you want to add, all you have to do is drag it over to your website, place it where you want, and resize if you wish.

2. Mobile mode. You can switch back and forth between desktop mode and mobile mode. so you know exactly what your website is going to look like on a cell phone. If something looks off on the mobile version, you can edit it without worrying about that edit translating over to desktop mode!

3. Theme builder. If you want to start a blog, you can build a blog. Want to build a WooCommerce site? They’ve got themes for that too. Pretty much whatever kind of website you can dream up, they’ve got options for you to build it.

There is so much more that Elementor can do but these three things might be the best because they are the very essentials to building an amazing website.

Elementor Customer Support

In addition to its killer design options and functionality, Elementor has provides customer support although a little lacking at times! Are you reading this Elementor?

If you’re a Pro member (more on that soon), you get 24/7 access to their support center. If you don’t decide to upgrade, you can rest assured that Elementor is frequently updated to fix any bugs or glitches.

Operating Elementor as a Free member will only get you so far. Like, page-builder-and-their-30-basic-widgets far. This option could be fine if you just want to get some practice website building or you’re looking for something informal.

Pro members (see, wasn’t that soon?) reap ALL the benefits that Elementor has to offer in three different tiers:

Personal, Plus and Expert. You’ll have to weigh the options against your purpose in order to find out which package works best for you.

Elementor Review

  • Elementor is a much better alternative to the standard post and page template that comes with the default WordPress theme including Gutenberg .
  • Just about any WordPress theme design can be used with Elementor although I would personally recommend their default ‘Hello’ theme for lightweight coding and speed.
  • Now you can easily edit your website from the frontend enabling you to visually see any edits and changes you make as they happen – ‘what you see is what you get’.
  • There is no need for any HTML/CSS/PHP coding skills as everything is done with their friendly user interface.

Elementor Pre-made Templates

Okey so perhaps you’re not a designer or simply don’t know where to start. Elementor comes a large collection of ready made templates, making it very easy and fast to create a professional site. That’s right, I wrote site as many themes come with home, about us, services, contact pages and more.

Navigate to the library and select the pre-designed page. Then either add it to your templates folder or create a new page, name it and import the template. It couldn’t get easier. If you would like to know more read our website design for beginners.

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