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Lightning Base Web Hosts for WordPress Review

Lightning Base Web Host Review. Their WordPress hosting is no longer the new kid on the block. I was never satisfied with my previous web host and decided to move my website over to another – Lightning Base Web Hosting for WordPress! In all my years of website development and using numerous hosting providers they were at the top of their class!

Lightning Base Web Host Review:

Before taking the plunge I bombarded Chris Piepho (Founder) with questions and he always answered promptly and courteously, never losing his patience. Unlike a few other web hosting providers I could mention!

If you have a website then you need web hosting to store your web pages. Websites are stored, on special servers. Good web hosting is very important and you need to choose a host company that is reliable, and suits your needs.

Lightning Base We Hosts

Your website should always be accessible on the web hence little to no downtime. There are many choices for web hosting today, but you need to think of this as an investment. Your choice of host will reflect the overall success of your website. Below is why I highly recommend LightningBase.

Lightning Base Review – Support

At some point in time most websites will go offline hence the support is crucial. If your web host replies with ‘It’s fine at our end‘ or ‘It’s your problem buddy‘ it’s time to move on! The second reason for changing to Lightning Base was speed.

My WordPress site was on a shared hosting provider which met my needs at the time for a small site, but as it grew I needed something faster.

Built on SSD Servers

Lightning Base Web Host servers are built with SSD based storage and modern Xeon processors. They are also set-up with Varnish, a fast web server stack, and locked down against intruders. My website now loads faster than ever and even more amazing; you could get away without the need for a cache plugin!

Chris also offers to migrate your WordPress site to their servers FREE of charge. I decided to take him up on this offer and it was completed within 24 hours without any downtime or issues.

Web Host Specs

Lightning Base website hosting also offer other bonuses such as daily backups and a global CDN. CDN is a content delivery network which provides a very important function. Acting as a cache it delivers static files so that many requests never need to reach your server.

I had already signed up to MAX CDN for another site paying a small annual fee. This is another saving as Lightning Base Web Host configures and provides the CDN to you for …. FREE.

Web Host Plans

They offer highly competitive pricing plans, free site set-up or transfer, speeds that outperforming many other hosts, Global CDN, dynamic firewall including security scans, automatic backups, extensive experience with WordPress, and more.

If you would like help with your website why not contact us for a quotation!

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