Making Money and Monetising Your Website

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Making Money from your Website

Making money from your Website. Once you have completed your website you can use it to earn extra revenue and commissions from affiliate networks, and by partnering with other advertising companies.

Making money from your website doesn’t have to be difficult and as long as your website is interesting and attracting visitors then the opportunity of generating an additional income is there!

What better way is there to fill those empty white spaces than with a few attractive advertisements! How do Affiliations work?

Quite simply, when your website’s visitors click on the banners and text links within your site you get paid a percentage of what the person buys.

Making money from your Website Banners & Links

The links and banners have a tracking code embedded into them, which allows the sponsor to know where the visitor came from and help you with making money from your Website.

Affiliate network purchases are not the only source of income! Google Adsense targets adverts to your visitors which will generate small amounts of money raised by pay per click campaigns.

Before joining any of these numerous affiliate programs you’ll need to ask yourself what kind of people does your website target?

For example; if your site is about pets then your affiliate programs should be targeted towards pet foods and toys!

Making money from your Website

After you decide which banner or link you want to add you copy where it says “html code” and paste it into your web page where you want the banner to show up.

You can add the same banners to all your pages, if you want to, or you can choose many different programs and banners and add different ones to different pages.

Maintain your design throughout your website by choosing banners that keep the same look and feel of your pages.

This builds trust and assures your visitors that they’re still on your website!