Amelia Booking Review: Boost Your Business’s Success

By Andy T. Laird

Amelia Booking Plugin is a WordPress tool designed to simplify appointment and event bookings. It offers a user-friendly interface

Amelia Blocks review

Amelia Booking Plugin Review for WordPress: Hey, are you on the hunt for a WordPress booking plugin? Well, I’ve got some good news and bad news. The good news is there are loads of options out there. The bad news? Most of them just didn’t cut it. Setting up these appointment forms was a hassle. The designs were dodgy, and some of them were just impossible to integrate into our WordPress website. But don’t fret, because we found a winner – it’s called Amelia!

Our clients were looking for a booking plugin for their clinic and another was searching for a simple van rental plugin for their WordPress site. So, we went on a search and discovered Amelia. It’s one of the best booking plugins out there, making our job a lot easier. If you want to know more, check out our Amelia Booking Plugin Review for WordPress.

Amelia Booking Plugin Review

Picture this: you’re a busy entrepreneur with a flourishing business, but you’re finding it increasingly difficult to manage your appointments and bookings manually. You’re tired of missing out on valuable revenue opportunities because of human error or double-bookings. You know you need a booking system that can handle all the heavy lifting for you, but you’re not sure where to turn.

Amelia is the superhero of booking plugins, designed to help you manage your appointments and bookings seamlessly, effortlessly, and efficiently. Think of it as a personal assistant that never sleeps, never forgets, and always has your back. With Amelia, you can say goodbye to the headaches of manual booking management and hello to a streamlined, automated system that frees up your time and resources. Why choose Amelia over other booking plugins out there?

Amelia Pros

  • Amelia has a simple and intuitive interface
  • Offers a variety of customization options
  • Automated email and SMS notifications
  • Integrates with popular payment gateways

Amelia Cons

  • Amelia Booking is not a free plugin
  • You have to pay Annual fees for support

It’s User friendly Booking Form

Amelia is incredibly user-friendly, with a clean and intuitive interface that makes booking appointments a breeze. It’s also incredibly flexible, allowing you to customize every aspect of your booking system to suit your specific business needs.

But what really sets Amelia apart from the competition is its a powerful WordPress booking form plugin. From online payments and automated reminders to custom booking forms and employee management, Amelia has everything you need to take your booking system to the next level.

Appointment Booking Plugins

You can rest easy in knowing that your all customers can easily book online, view their appointment bookings, and manage their appointments with just a few clicks.

Perfect for small business owners and entrepreneurs, Amelia Appointments Booking Form is a clean and powerful WordPress appointment plugin that automates all your scheduling needs. With a simple and easy-to-use interface, you can quickly start taking bookings and managing appointments – no coding or manual input required!

What was my WordPress booking form criteria?

My Search for the Perfect Plugin

I was on the hunt for a clean, simple, and automated appointment booking form for WordPress. Here’s what I needed it to do:

  • Allow visitors to book appointments, rentals, and pay online
  • Customisable to fit my clients’ needs
  • Integrate with WordPress websites
  • Intuitive and easy to use, with no special training or knowledge required

I tried a few options, but they just didn’t work for me. So, I kept searching, downloading, and testing them out.

The Solution: Amelia

Finally, after what seemed like an endless search, I found the perfect booking plugin – Amelia. Here’s why I think it’s the best one out there:

  • Simple and clean-looking interface
  • Allows for online bookings and payments
  • Fully customizable to fit clients’ needs
  • Integrates seamlessly with WordPress websites
  • Easy to use and requires no special training or knowledge

Overall, I highly recommend Amelia as the best appointments and plugin for WordPress compare to all the others we tested.


Whether you are a business owner, freelancer, or even a blogger Amelia will make your life easier and improve your customer experience.

Amelia WordPress Appointments

Do you want to automate your appointment booking process in WordPress without having to learn how to code? This is your chance! Amelia saves you time and money by automating your appointment booking process. It will also help improve your customer experience. Amelia also provides an easy way for them to book appointments.

A Few More Awesome Features by Amelia:

  • Customer service schedule
  • SMS notifications
  • Create special days and hours
  • Schedule recurring appointments
  • Configure custom fields
  • Connect to Zoom, Google Meet etc.
  • Connect to Google calendar etc
  • Online Payment Booking Form
  • Personal working schedule
  • Many locations
  • Group appointments
  • Automated notifications to clients
  • Configure currency, time and dates
  • Integrates with PayPal, Stripe
  • Add coupons for client discounts

Clients pay via a secure payment gateway (which supports PayPal). They’ll be able to do it from their phone or tablet device. Even when they’re on the road! It is a powerful tool that can help you streamline your business, save time, and make more money. Amelia is one of the best booking plugins available. It has so many features and options to choose from. A booking for any type of business—you name it!

Amelia WordPress plugin for any type of business.

  • Consultants
  • Private clinics
  • Repair centres
  • Sports and gyms
  • Spas, salons
  • Car rentals
  • Property rentals

Amelia Plugin Customisation

You can also customise your booking page so that it matches your brand’s aesthetic. If you have many locations for your business, this plugin makes it easy to manage them all from one place. You can even adjust how users can book appointments, Do you run a salon or spa that offers services like manicures or massages?

This plugin will also allow clients to schedule appointments no matter what you do – Amelia covers it. It’s one of the best booking forms.

Intuitive set up with a few clicks

No need for heavy training. Install and use it. With their intuitive interface, you tailor Amelia with a few clicks. Detailed documentation is always available if needed. Their solutions are all-in-one. You won’t have to connect to any other tools or software to use your Amelia. Did we forget to mention Amelia has over 50000 happy customers?

Managing Appointments in WordPress Admin

Amelia Booking Plugin for WordPress provides an efficient and user-friendly way to manage appointments on the backend. With its intuitive dashboard, you can easily view and manage upcoming appointments, set availability for specific dates and times, and make adjustments to appointment details.

Amelia Review

by Andy T. Laird

The Amelia Booking Plugin for WordPress is an excellent option if you’re looking to streamline your appointment bookings. With its easy-to-use booking calendar and integration with Google Calendar, you can easily manage your appointments and availability.


Price and Value

Ease of Use

Customer Support


Amelia Booking Plugin streamlines appointment and event scheduling through its intuitive WordPress interface. Businesses benefit from automated notifications and customizable forms for efficient booking management.


Managing Amelia bookings on a WordPress website:

  • Log in to the admin area of your WordPress website.
  • Navigate to the bookings section, which can typically be found in the sidebar menu.
  • Review the dashboard, which provides an overview of your appointments, payments, and employee workload.
  • Use the dashboard to identify which employees and services are most popular among customers.
  • Review the list of upcoming appointments, which provides essential details about each booking.
  • Use the booking status to determine which appointments are confirmed, pending, or cancelled.
  • Track conversion rates to evaluate the effectiveness of your booking system.
  • Make necessary improvements based on your analysis of the data.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage bookings on your WordPress site, optimize your appointment bookings, and maximize your revenue.

Amelia vs Bookly vs Booked

When comparing Amelia Booking Plugin against its competitors, Bookly and Booked, Amelia emerges as the frontrunner in terms of performance. While all three tools offer appointment booking solutions, Amelia stands out with its unparalleled user-friendliness, extensive customization options, and seamless integration with WordPress websites. In head-to-head evaluations, Amelia consistently outperforms Bookly and Booked in key categories. It boasts a faster and more intuitive interface, higher customer satisfaction ratings, and superior reliability. Additionally, Amelia’s robust feature set, including online payment capabilities and employee management, positions it as the ideal solution for businesses seeking an automated, efficient, and comprehensive booking system. When it comes to performance, Amelia undoubtedly takes the lead.

The Best Appointment Form for WordPress

Amelia is the best appointment and booking form plugin for WordPress. It’s powerful and used in any industry or business. Amelia saves you time and money by automating your appointment booking process. It improves your customer experience. We highly recommend using Amelia with Kadence Themes for optimal performance!

Amelia Plugin review Conclusion

Additionally, the ability to accept online payments makes the booking process even more convenient for both businesses and customers. Overall, the Amelia is a powerful WordPress booking plugin and a top choice. Combine this plugin with Kadence WP themes and page builder and we guarantee awesome pages speeds and performance. Perfect if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient WordPress booking plugin.


Whether you are a business owner, freelancer, or even a blogger Amelia will make your life easier and improve your customer experience.