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Kadence Theme Review

Kadence WP Review

Websites are easier to customise and your sites will load much faster! And best of all – they start you off completely FREE. Read more on our Kadence WP review or..

Kadence WP themes and blocks. Are you trying to create a beautiful website? What do you do if you don’t have the time, patience or design skills? Or you want to build a website but don’t know where to start? We hear you! We know how hard it can be for creating a more complex website with WordPress. This is where Kadence WP comes in!

Kadence WP is an easy-to-use theme builder with drag & drop functionality. Whether you want a blog, eCommerce store or portfolio site – they have your back!

Why do we build websites with Kadence WP?

I was looking for a theme builder that would give me complete control over the functionality. The alternatives were disappointing. Kadence WP made it easy. I can customise every single aspect of any website with a few clicks. Now I can get my websites to look exactly how I wanted. Developing WordPress websites are now easier, faster, and most important — fun!

Ease of Use








Kadence Pros

Easy to use without technical expertise

A full range of customisation options

User experience across all devices

Optimised for superior page speed

Frequently updated with new features

Kadence provides excellent support

Kadence Cons

I can’t find any cons for using Kadence WP

Why we use Kadence WP Blocks

There are other themes and page builders out there, including the default Guttenberg. So you may wonder why I build WordPress websites with Kadence WP? It is a different type of WordPress block builder. Unlike a few others, which slowed down my website – Kadence is blazingly fast! They have been a real game changer for my workflow. I’m an avid user because their products are simple and easy to use. They provide all the features I will ever need for developing websites!

The Kadence Blocks we love using!


Creat rows and style them with backgrounds, colors and overlays.

Info Box

Creat a box containing icon, title and a description and add colors.


Add a powerful contact or marketing form and style it with the editor.

Icon List

Add engaging icons and lists to catch your viewers attention.


Customize your headings with highlights, colors, fonts, and styles.


Beautiful unique testimonials displayed as carousal or grids.


Add a styled countdown timer to increase your conversion rates.


Display a clean grid of posts and add theme anywhere on your website.

These are a few of the many blocks they offer – making it easy to style and create custom layouts in your posts or pages! The Gutenberg editor has changed into a powerful page builder. It gives you all the controls and functionality you could wish for!

The Power of Kadence Templates

No more bloated themes with unnecessary features. Kadence WP, focuses on creating websites that are easy to use. While still providing all the required functionality. Their drag-and-drop header builder is an example of this approach. We can change our site layout from one page to another with a few clicks!

Kadence WP Customise

Our Favourite Kadence Features

  • Create beautiful headers with a drag-and-drop interface
  • Create a responsive footer with a drag-and-drop interface
  • Customise your sidebars, including the widths
  • Change the colours with their global colour palette
  • Add social links to all your headers and footers
  • Customised responsive controls for mobiles, tablets, etc.
  • Built for the best SEO practices for Schema and markup

If you want a beautiful WordPress website that is easy to create, then look no further than Kadence WP.

Should I get the Kadence Pro Membership?

We use Kadence Pro most of our websites. Should you pay for the yearly access or invest in a lifetime membership?

Kadence WP Membership

Start with the yearly subscription. A subscription gives you unlimited access to all of Kadence’s features! That’s the coolest part! You’ll get more flexibility for your budget and it’s easier to move on should it ever become outdated. However, they’re going to be around for a long time and we love using them!

Yes! It is a page builder. It’s a powerful page optimised you to create unique content. It also empowers WordPress to give you professional-looking results.

Kadence and Elementor are both great WordPress page builders. I find Kadence to be more user friendly than Elementor. Keep in mind when you’re deciding that they have different strengths. Kadence is great for creating pages with content blocks and so easy to use. It’s the best choice if you don’t want to spend a lot of time learning how to use a page builder.

Their themes are great for SEO. All themes have built-in support for Schema mark-up. It’s an important part of your site’s search engine optimisation. They also use lightweight code and other practices that help keep load times fast. Thus, you don’t get penalised by Google or other search engines. Their themes are responsive and adapted to fit any screen. Including mobile phones and tablets.

It is one of the best. We recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a high-quality WordPress theme. It has more design and customisation features than most other free theme on the market today. It stands out from the crowd thanks to its clean code, elegant designs, and ease of use.

Astra themes also have fast loading times and they are lightweight and performance-optimised. Both are better than the average WordPress theme. Yet, Astra is a good option for those who use Elementor or Beaver Builder. Kadence’s support of Gutenberg and its innovative design make it my choice.

You do not need to use Elementor. Kadence uses the Gutenberg page builder by default. You can build your website using a free block editor. I recommend staying with the native blocks and themes already built into Kadence. There’s no need to add Beaverbuilder or Elementor Pro.

Kadence WP Review – Conclusion

Kadence offers a lot of features. Websites are easier to customise and your sites will load much faster! And best of all – they start you off completely FREE. We like getting free stuff! We also develop FREE websites for charity organisations.

I’ve been a web developer for some time and have tried many themes. This is the first time I could used a theme and page builder with no issues. The support is fantastic. I love using this theme and plan to continue using it for my website projects in the future. For creating WordPress websites – Kadence WP makes our workflow so easy! If you’re looking for Kadence website examples – this is website is one of them! Read more: Why we create One Page Business Websites.

Combine Kadence WP with Cloudways

Combine Kadence with Cloudways SSD Hosting and build a better website. When you combine them, you get a faster website with excellent Google page scores, improved SEO, and an overall better user experience. Even though there are some other great plugins such as Stackable Blocks we have been with Kadence for quite a few years!

Our Pick
Kadence Theme Review

Kadence WP Review

Websites are easier to customise and your sites will load much faster! And best of all – they start you off completely FREE