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SiteGround Review

SiteGround Review

SiteGround website hosting is a company that’s totally passionate about their staff, products and customers! SiteGround has become one of the most popular.

SiteGround has become one of the most popular WordPress hosting companies for a good reason! Are you tired of your website running slower than a sloth on a hot summer day? Then it’s time to check out SiteGround hosting – the superhero of web hosting providers! SiteGround offers a variety of hosting plans to suit all your website needs, from basic blogs to e-commerce empires. In this review, we’ll give you the lowdown on SiteGround’s performance, pricing, and customer support.

So, grab some popcorn and get ready for a wild ride through the world of web hosting – it’s gonna be a blast!

SiteGround Review

In 2004, a few university friends decided to start a company. The goal: to hit it big in the IT industry. So they worked hard, slept too little, drank so many cups of coffee (and maybe wine) and eventually got a break – a snack break.

Ease of Use








SiteGround Pros

SiteGround invests heavily in its servers

Excellent customer support

User-friendly control panel

Includes a number of security features

SiteGround Cons

Higher cost compared to other hosts

Plans come with limited storage

No monthly payment options

Uptime guarantee not as strong as others

Fast forward 16 years and this group of amigos, now more than 500 strong, still very passionate about delivering high quality innovations, and support expertise while using in-house handcrafted technologies have exceeded expectations in the industry.

SiteGround Hosting Plans Icons

Which SiteGround Hosting Plan should I choose?

SiteGround offer 3 plans: Start Up, GrowBig and GoGeek. We’re hosting around 5 sites on the Growbig plan which suited our needs perfectly. If you only have one website the StartUp plan should be more than enough.

The GrowBig and GoGeek plans are for an unlimited number of websites which would be dependent on the GB space and number of monthly visits. Advanced Priority Support is only available on the Gogeek plan but again, we’ve never had issues in receiving prompt support no matter which plan you choose.

SiteGround SSD Servers

They have succeeded in keeping sites light and speedy, using SSDs in all their servers. Just so you know, SSDs are effectively hard drives that can deliver data up to 30% faster than regular HDDs.

These guys surpass competition in terms of speed, providing smooth-as-silk content delivery through the highest number of connections to internet exchange points worldwide. They optimised their caching systems with their very own SuperCacher – simply put; this can improve your speed by about 40%. Their software is consistently updated because outdated software can result in unnecessary slowdowns.

These extraordinary teams of individuals are motivated to deliver outstanding service and value. Guaranteeing top of class uptime by applying solutions to predict, avoid and reduce downtimes. They are trusted by clients and industry experts alike, measuring customer satisfaction rate at 98%.

They have amassed many accolades and various sites have sung praises about them, with WordPress.org recommending them and declaring them: “one of the biggest and brightest of the hosting world”.

Such recognition gives the friends and their clients even more advantage over competition, because now they have exclusive WordPress Support; WP-CLI Enabled; 1-Click Staging; Git Enabled; Auto Updates. These guys are still friends (hopefully anyways) and they’ve come a long way from their dorm room in Sofia, Bulgaria. They’re however, known to you and I as SiteGround. Come on, let’s have a meet and greet.

SiteGround’s WordPress Optimizer Plugin

Did we forget to mention Siteground comes with their own plugin to optimise your website. This means you don’t need to add any cache plugins and it’s very easy to set up! It handles caching, and all the necessary configurations for a remarkably fast website.

SiteGround SG Optimizer Frontend Settings

  • Minify the HTML Output
  • Minify JavaScript Files
  • Combine JavaScript Files
  • Defer Render-blocking JS
  • Minify CSS Files
  • Combine CSS Files
  • Optimise Google Fonts
  • Remove Query Strings
  • Disable Emojis

SiteGround Hosting Solutions

SiteGround provides web hosting solutions for new and established projects, servicing more than 2,000,000 domains worldwide. Their services include but not limited to; shared hosting, cloud hosting, email hosting, dedicated servers as well as domain registration from several datacenter locations around the world.

  • SiteGround has developed software solutions for account isolation, monitoring and reaction. They provide web hosting services for WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, PrestaShop and WooCommerce websites.
  • SiteGrounds’s customer care team has a contagious zeal for hosting support, offering helpful, multi-skilled, fast and highly rated support online in real time.
  • SiteGround has a security-first mindset, monitoring and preventing software vulnerabilities on server and website level with dedicated security experts and infrastructure.

CloudFlare CDN

They also offer you a FREE account for CloudFlare and although slightly limited could still improve your loading speed. However, we don’t use it as you have an option through SiteGround to host your website at data center locations including:

  • Chicago, USA.
  • Iowa, USA.
  • London, UK.
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Eemshaven, Netherlands.
  • Singapore.

But web hosting isn’t the only thing the founders of SiteGround are passionate about.

The founders and top executives believe that happy employees lead to happy customers (believe me – they’ve got excellent people handling their live chat), so they’re continuously striving to keep the workplace happy, and it shows – people love working for and with them. Here is a company that’s totally passionate about their staff, products and customers! Combine SiteGround, WordPress and Elementor and you have the recipe for an amazing website!

Perhaps you’re asking who we use? We decided to migrate away from Siteground to Cloudways. Read our article: Why we also recommend Cloudways. Still not sure! Try SiteGround’s 30 day money back guarantee!

Our Pick
SiteGround Review

SiteGround Review

SiteGround website hosting is a company that’s totally passionate about their staff, products and customers! SiteGround has become one of the most popular.