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SEO Framework for Wordpress Review

Here’s why we believe the SEO Framework is the Best Plugin for WordPress in 2020? Over 100,000 active installations, 200 x 5-star reviews and only 1 negative one-star review. How’s that for a company which dates back almost 3 years! Here are the top reasons why we moved WordPress websites over the SEO Framework and perhaps why you should too. Our review:

When it comes to running a blog, website or online, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has become the staple ingredient to every website owner’s success.

As it happens, WordPress is a cms platform built for that very purpose but. However, you can always do more for your SEO!

Among many of the useful features that WordPress offers is the SEO Framework plug-in. It’s designed to optimise and improve your web content’s position in search result rankings.

While the jury is still out on its effectiveness, many people now use the SEO Framework plug-in, and found it to be highly effective to set up.

We’re no newcomers to SEO plugins! Starting with All in One SEO, Yoast and RankMath before finally taking the plunge to use SEO Framework.

SEO Framework General Settings

If you’re looking for an SEO plugin to install and forget, then this does that extremely well. Go a little deeper and you’ll find easy setup instructions to fine-tune your website. Here’s our list of reasons why we believe SEO Framework is the best plug-in to use on any WordPress site in 2020.

SEO Framework Pricing

The plug-in accounts for people in a variety of financial situations, whether they have money to spend or none at all. This is why packages range from Premium to absolutely FREE!

Of course, the more you pay the more benefits you receive! However, even with its limited amount of tools, the free package is still a tremendous boost for people looking to increase their site’s online presence – while remaining affordable.

SEO Framework Subscriptions

SEO Framework Subscriptions

There are 4 SEO Framework Subscriptions (packages), Free, Essentials, Premium and Enterprise. Let’s go over what you get with each and whether you would even need any of the paid subscriptions.

Free Subscription

Lifetime updates for compatibility, security and performance improvements and access to FREE extensions

  • Origin: Redirects attachment page visitors back to the parent/original post.
  • Incognito: Removes the plugin’s branding and hides all development-comments.
  • Title Fix: Ensures your title is configured correctly and overrides your theme’s title output.
  • AMP: Makes the SEO Framework plugin also work with AMP articles and pages.
  • Unlimited Websites

Essentials Subscription

  • Articles: automatically adds important Structured Data so search engines can interpret your page’s information.
  • Honeypot: a powerful anti-spam extension to block 99.98% spammers comments.
  • Cord: easily connect your WordPress website to Google Analytics and Facebook business accounts
    Focus: assist in the process of writing targeted content based on your focus keywords
  • 2 Websites

Premium Subscription

  • Local: easily set up your local business information which can increase your listing in search results
  • Monitor: helps you to track your website SEO statistics, and optimisation checking is the basics have correctly been set up correctly.
  • Monthly API Access: 5000 per month e.g. writing a single WordPress post requires around 8 requests using the Focus extension.
  • 4 Websites

Enterprise Subscription

  • Monthly API Access: 25000 per month
  • 8 Websites

Why I Upgraded to the Essentials Subscription

I started with the Free subscription to get a feel how this SEO Framework worked and most important what kind of support I would get. I soon discovered how easy it was to set up and didn’t hesitate to upgrade once I learned of the benefits from the additional extensions.

Scroll down to read more on Support (highly recommended)

I wanted the additional Focus and Articles Extensions.

The Focus extension is where the API services really come into play! It suggests related synonyms (a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase) to help you write better content without looking spammy.

Focus will give you a rating on each page or post, based on subject density, link building etc. which can significantly increase your page rank.

Combined with the Articles extension by adding important structured data and small additional fee of $49 it was a no brainer but it didn’t stop there!

I Upgraded to the Premium Subscription!

The last extension, especially if you’re trying to be placed above others in Google local listings is ‘Local‘. This is an advanced solution to automatically output your business information through Schema.org scripts intp your website’s header. It also supports and adds multiple locations, office hours, geocoding and more without having to sign up to Google or Bing

So, I went from the FREE version to the $99 Premium in a few days once I understood just how powerful these extensions really were.

WordPress SEO Framework

SEO Framework Price Comparison to Yoast and All in One SEO Pack

Yoast SEO Premium is $89 for only one website while All in One SEO Pack is $79 for a single website and $139 (up to 10 websites).

I wanted a faster and cleaner SEO framework similar to Yoast but without the bloat.

Don’t get me wrong, Yoast and All in One SEO Pack have both stood the test of time and are excellent plugins but SEO Framework exceeded my expectations in more ways.

The Range of Paid Extensions

If you’re willing to invest some cash into upgrading the plug-in, you’ll have many more goodies to choose from.

Of course, you’ll need to pay for this, with the amount you have to fork over-dependent on how many websites you plan to use the extensions on. The good news is, if it’s just the one site it’s only $49 a year, and it gets better; there are bundle deals available for multiple sites!

Some very helpful feature extensions include the Monitor extension which keeps track of your website’s SEO performance and statistics (which is the whole point). The Title Fix ensures your crucial website title is being outputted with properly configured SEO settings.

The Article extension enhances your published posts by automatically including AMP and non-AMP structured data (a fancy way of saying Accelerated Mobile Pages, an Open Source Framework that creates simple mobile pages that load almost instantly).

The Scope is Broad

By this I mean there are a lot of options included in this plug-in that honestly match its older and more established competitors, such as Yoast.

For example, the settings on your homepage allow you construct the homepage tagline, the custom title and the description, letting you know if the words you have used are good or bad for thoroughly optimising your search results, and that’s just in the “general” tab alone.

Other features offered include open graph and social sharing settings, sitemap settings and WebMaster verification settings.

Simplicity in Design

It may seem like a very basic benefit, but the simplicity and clarity of the plug-in make it easy to use and therefore more appealing.

There’s a lot to manage and get to grips with nowadays concerning SEO, and the SEO Framework Plug-in helps take some of the weight off by making everything easy to find.

Not only is everything organised into neat little categories in the sidebar, but also the tools come with detailed instructions about what they are and what they do!

I love this, as it’s the ultimate timesaver when it comes to SEO, instead of reading an acronym and furiously googling it for the fifth time that day.

Transferring Meta Data from Another Plugin such as Yoast

Fortunately, SEO Framework has you covered with the SEO Data Transporter plugin. Originally created to extend the Genesis framework this standalone plugin, works well with any WordPress theme.

Transferring Meta Data

It can transfer your metadata from Yoast, All in One SEO Pack etc including meta titles, descriptions, Robots meta settings, like “noindex”, Custom canonical URLs and redirect URLs.

Don’t forget to back up your database before attempting anything like this!

SEO Framework WordPress Customer Support

This is where the developer Sybre Waaijer really shined. Business longevity relies on satisfied customers and SEO Framework is no exception.

I didn’t get the typical copy/paste, one sentence or blame something else reply. Not that my requests were anything to do with an issue but quite simply an SEO setting I didn’t understand.

I always got an in-depth personal reply, and it was obvious Sybre takes the time to actually read emails.

Furthermore, unlike another SEO plugin I did have problems with, it wasn’t Google’s fault! Not that I have any confidence in Google’s so-called smart algorithms, but that’s another post!

Sybre clearly understands the importance of customer service and always responded promptly.

Customer Support

Exceptional customer service is what sticks out today as it’s becoming rare. It’s clear that SEO Framework truly cares about their customers and nothing builds reputation, trust and loyalty better than good customer support. I was getting this for a FREE plugin!

SEO Framework WordPress Customer Review

A concern I had before migrating to SEO Framework was – there weren’t as many reviews compared other SEO plugins.

Loads of reviews is better right? Wrong!

Compared to other well known SEO plugins, I’d never heard of SEO framework! Type in ‘Best SEO Plugin for WordPress’ and you’ll be greeted with ‘Yoast‘ and ‘All In One SEO‘.

I came across SEO Framework by chance, and let’s not forget, SEO Framework is now in its 5th year of development!

Whenever I find a surge of positive reviews for new plugins, over a very short period, and filled with similar five-star critiques – I see this as a warning sign.

It’s quite common today for developers to ask their customers to write them a positive review.

They’ll offer a discount, or an affiliation. YouTubers add videos to boost their channel without even using the products. BTW – I’m not affiliated in any way and paid the full price for this Premium plugin.

SEO Framework doesn’t spend much time on marketing, however, what they do focus on is developing a fantastic SEO plugin! Don’t let the mass quantity of other SEO reviews steer you away from trying SEO Framework. I’m confident once you have, you won’t look.

SEO Framework WordPress Review – Conclusion

The SEO Framework is by no means the only effective way to boost the optimisation of your WordPress site. But it is in our humble opinion, one of the best.

As a plug-in that was designed specifically for WordPress sites, it provides the best tools and features that will enable your content to rank higher in search results while also remaining user-friendly.

Combined with generous and affordable pricing options, the SEO Framework provides more reasons for budding website owners to use it.

We’d recommend you try out the free option, even if you’re unsure of what you’re doing. At the very least, you can only learn something useful about SEO for your WordPress website!

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