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Our magazine themes are the perfect way to engage and inspire your readers, while bringing your posts to life. We included demo content in all our WordPress themes to give you a better idea just how great they can look.

Why use Magazine themes for websites? 

Magazines are popular because they’re a visual form of communication. In addition, magazines have a higher rate of repeat readers.  Building your website in this format means – more loyal visitors.

Magazines are great for visual presentation

Magazines create an immersive experience with a visual impact.  Today, magazines are seeing a shift from print to digital as more people are using tablets and smartphones.  Having a website that looks like a magazine publication can be just as visually invitingas the real thing.

My preference for web design is simplicity. 

I don’t like websites that are cluttered and hard to read.  A clean website loads faster, than the ones with a bunch of fancy bells and whistles. Even today web designers are are still using flashy scripts and effects to grab attention. 

We know the importance of presentation, but I don’t think a gimmicky website will win over a well designed, minimalistic one. Visitors still look for the ease and convenience that clean websites deliver – like our magazine themes!  

  • A clean and crisp design that is easy to read 
  • Design reflects your professionalism. You don’t want visitors scrolling through a lot of text before finding the content
  • Visitors are more engaged because they have an easier time navigating your website
  • Minimum confusion – no fancy scripts or effects

After all – visitors come to your website to look for information. So, all other features should be secondary. With that in mind, the simpler the website – the better! I want easy navigation, clear information, and the relevant contact information found at a glance. This is where we focused our attention in our web themes. 

LairdPage – WordPress Magazine Web Sites 

Our  WordPress magazine themes give you a chance to showcase your products, services or blog in colour and detail, while remaining clean and easy to navigate. Choose from our selection of WordPress magazine themes to give you everything you need to create a site for just about any kind of business. They are built by Kadence, making it easy to adjust or add additional designs. Did we forget to mention they also look awesome on any device. 

Includes Demo Content

Importing demo content is a great way to give you a head start. Our demo content pre-populates all the pages, posts and layouts – could we have made it any easier.   Unfortunately, you can’t leave these images on your website unless you buy a membership to Freepik. Starting at around $10.00 per month, we’re sure you’ll agree it’s a small price to pay for quality photos!

WordPress Magazine Themes – Conclusion

 If you don’t find one that’s right for you, we can help! Get in touch with us today and we can custom build your WordPress theme. Thank you for reading our article on WordPress Magazine Themes. Our diverse range of services caters to various website needs, including creating visually captivating magazine themes and designing sleek and engaging single page websites, providing unique and tailored solutions for your online presence.

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