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Even though LairdPage is located in the UK, I cater to digital marketing requirements globally. I’ve created websites not just in places like Thailand and Singapore, but also in small towns right here in the UK, like Bournemouth and Poole in Dorset.

In addition to our WordPress expertise, LairdPage offers a comprehensive selection of services. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop solution for all things web-related.

LairdPage Services

Here are my latest personal projects for websites currently in development.

Leap into the Fascinating Realm of Jumping Spiders.

Welcome to our captivating world of jumping spiders! Discover the mesmerizing behavior and remarkable diversity of these agile arachnids through vivid imagery and informative articles on our dedicated website.

The Ultimate Hot Air Ballooning Resource.

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the skies with my hot air ballooning website. Explore the magic of floating above breathtaking landscapes and find essential resources for an unforgettable ballooning adventure.

Intimate Portraits on Boudoir Photography.

Welcome to our boudoir photography website, where we celebrate and empower individuals through tasteful and artistic intimate portraits. Discover self-expression in a comfortable and elegant setting.

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Do you have these problems?

  • You don’t have time to set up a website
  • You don’t have enough talent in web design
  • You don’t know how to optimise websites
  • You don’t have enough money
  • You only want to add website content

You need a website but don’t know where to start!

I’ve got you covered! Together, we’ll craft a one-of-a-kind website that captures your essence and ambitions. From a vibrant business website to a captivating blog, I’ll ensure your new site is flawlessly optimised.

Your venture deserves nothing less than excellence, and I’m here to provide digital consulting without draining your wallet.

Here are a few of our game-changer features:

  • You get to own your website
  • You can move it to any other host
  • Download a backup to your computer
  • Get cleaner code for much faster loading
  • SEO for higher page ranking
  • Look professional for your visitors
  • No 3rd party adds placed in your website
  • Support you every step of the way!

You Get All This For Your Website

What if …

  • Set up your WordPress website for you
  • Install a beautiful responsive theme
  • Tailor the website to your products or services
  • Match the colour scheme to your brand
  • Add your logo, content and posts
  • Set up SEO for search engine optimisation
  • Saved you hundreds of pounds!
  • Provide professional support after completion!

Not Enough. You Need More! We Hear You.
1 Month FREE UK web hosting on Cloud SSD Servers!

That’s right. We will give you a FREE 1 month Hosting Package Inclusive of..

Simple 3 Step Process

From start to finish, we’ll build you a website with features that get you noticed