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Using a Gravatar

Why should we use a Gravatar with your email address. A Gravatar is a globally recognised image that is connected with your email address. Whenever you make comments on websites such as a Forum or Blog – an image appears adding that personal touch.

Having a good Gravatar is a great way to be noticed, and get your message across.

As powerful as websites have become today, many still lack the humanistic feeling. If you don’t like your image, a more generic image will be used in its place making you near-anonymous.

Put a face behind your name!

This installs confidence in your visitors and a great way to establish trust between writers and readers across the internet.

This not only allows your readers to identify with you but is a great way to infuse more of your own personality into your web presence.

Consistently displaying your image on websites, comments and blogs – you start to become a recognised part of that community. Your Gravatar image will allow you to be a friendly face that people start to trust.

If you own a website, setting up Gravatar is easy. You don’t even need an account! Plugins are available for leading blog software and content management systems. Gravatar tutorials will have you running Gravatars in no time.

Why Use a Gravatar – It’s FREE

All Gravatars are free! Simply sign up at Gravatar.com and enter your email address. This will be folowed by an email with further instructions on how to activate and continue the registration process.

After you have activated your account – upload your image and crop. That’s it! You now get a perfectly square, portrait image for the word to see.

Your profile pic it will will appear with your comments bringing them alive.

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