WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting

WP Engine Hosting

WP Engine Review. WordPress Hosting offers the best in speed, security and support. If you’d like to spend more time developing your site and less on configuration then WP Engine should be on the top of your list!

They promise speed, security and capability and deliver on every word! If you’re using a WordPress platform on shared hosting you don’t know what you’re missing. Here are 5 good reasons to migrate your site over to WP Engine.

Plugins and Themes can slow your WordPress site especially on a shared server environment.

WP Engine use their own system called EverCache including their optional CDN which is able to serve your content from data centres around the world.

This means your site will be delivered by the server that is closest to your visitor!

WP Engine Review – Security

You don’t have to worry about backups or security as WP Engine install security updates and provide you with a one click restore and backup option. Your data is in a segregated environment which is isolated and protected against any unauthorized access.

WP Engine WordPress Hosting Fixes

If your WordPress site gets hacked they guarantee to do everything they can to ensure it doesn’t happen again. WP Engine will automatically scan and fix it for you which comes at no additional cost.

WordPress Hosting Features

All hosting comes with their WordPress staging area which means you can easily make changes to your site without the worry of crashing it. This is a virtual copy of your main WordPress site in a separate area. Now you can add plugins and edit the theme safely.

WordPress Hosting Support

How many times have we come across web hosting claims of ‘excellent support’ only to find they cannot answer your questions, send automated replies or even take your site offline.

WP Engine WordPress hosting has experts that will answer all your questions and help you track down and troubleshoot any WordPress issues.

WP Engine packages are high compared to other managed WordPress hosts and they also charge to migrate your site using a 3rd party.

Migrating your WordPress site is a lot easier than you imagine and I recommend you do this yourself.

If you have a large site, or it generates an income how much do you value it over shared hosting!

WP Engine runs on advanced custom-built technology and you should be spending your time on your content and not your hosting performance!